Rules and Regulations

Wise Guys Charity Fund “Catch the Ace” at Kully’s Original Sports Bar

1. Ticket purchasers of the Wise Guys Charity Fund Catch the Ace Raffle acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to these Rules and Regulations. The liability of the licensee shall be limited to the purchase price of the ticket, which is not tax deductible. . License #M797118.

2. Catch the Ace tickets will be available for purchase each day, during regular business hours (11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.) at Kully’s Original Sports Bar, located at 223 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, Ontario. Tickets are $5.00 each and there are 10,000 printed and available for sale, for the complete raffle campaign. There is a limit of 10 tickets per person, per weekly draw. Tickets are to be paid for at the time of purchase and must be paid by cash. Once all tickets have been sold, the subsequent draw date will be final and will be conducted in the manner described in section (9).

3. Ticket sales are restricted to those 18 years of age and older and they must be present at the host site to purchase. Tickets may not be purchased in the name of a minor. The following persons are prohibited from purchasing or have an interest in a raffle ticket: Wise Guys Charity Raffle Board Members, employees of KBA Consulting Inc., management staff of Kully’s Original Sports Bar. All other volunteers and staff, including ticket sellers, are permitted to purchase tickets. Ticket sellers reserve the right to refuse sale of tickets.

4. The ticketholder does not have to be present to win a prize. Ticket purchasers must provide their names and telephone number and indicate on their ticket the envelope number they would like selected if their ticket is drawn for the weekly/progressive prize. If at anytime the number indicated by the ticket purchaser has been selected, or the space is left blank, the remaining envelope with the lowest number will be selected.

5. Each Thursday evening, at 7:45 p.m., ticket sales will be closed for the weekly draw, to be conducted at 8:00 p.m. the same evening. Each draw will be recorded. The first draw will be conducted at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday March 2, 2017 and the final drawing(s) will occur on July 13, 2017.

6. Prior to the first draw, staff members from KBA Consulting Inc. (Gaming Suppliers – licensed with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) will place a confirmed full deck of 52 playing cards into 52 individual envelopes, numbered from one to 52. At least two persons will count the cards and confirm the envelope numbers. The same two persons will shuffle the cards, face down, and insert each of the single cards into one of the numbered envelopes, without revealing which card is being placed into which envelope. No one will know which envelope contains the Ace of Spades, or any other playing card.

7. One ticket will be drawn on March 2, 2017 by a Wise Guys Charity Fund volunteer or a staff member of KBA Consulting Inc. The winning ticketholder will select one numbered envelope, either in person or by indicating their selection on their ticket stub. The selected envelope will be opened by a designated member of the Wise Guys Charity Fund or a staff member of KBA Consulting Inc. and displayed for all to see. If the selected envelope contains the Ace of Spades, the ticketholder is awarded 50% of all ticket proceeds collected and the raffle is concluded. If the selected envelope contains any other of the fifty-two playing cards, the winner will be awarded 20% of the ticket proceeds collected prior to the draw and 30% of the proceeds will be allocated to start the progressive jackpot for the following week. Following the draw: 1) the selected card is cut into two pieces and one half is displayed until the completion of the raffle 2) the selected envelope number is removed from the list of remaining envelopes 3) the tickets are removed from the drum and void for all subsequent draws.

8. For each of the draws from the second to the nineteenth, the same process as the first draw will be followed, with the Ace of Spades progressive jackpot totalling 30% of all ticket sale proceeds received to that date.

9. If the envelope containing the Ace of Spades has not been selected by any of the first nineteen draw winners, the progressive prize will be awarded at the twentieth draw. For the twentieth draw, the first ticket selected will win 20% of the week’s proceeds and will select one of the remaining thirty-three envelopes. If the Ace of Spades is not selected, another ticket will be drawn. Starting with the second ticket drawn, each ticketholder will not share in the weekly prize but will select an envelope. This process will continue until the envelope containing the Ace of Spades is selected, the progressive jackpot won and the raffle concluded.

10. All prize winners agree to have their name and prize information publicized by Wise Guys Charity Fund and Kully’s Original Sports Bar.

11. All prizes to be paid by cheque within 48 hours of the completion of each draw. Prize winners will be contacted by telephone and their names listed on the Wise Guys Charity Fund website and the Kully’s Original Sports Bar website

12. All prizes must be accepted as awarded and claimed within one year after the draw date. Unclaimed prizes will be reported to, and a charitable allocation approved by, the license provider.